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We're Democrats, Y'all

What We Believe

We believe that government works best when public policy is crafted for the benefit of all Kentuckians, not just the privileged few.

We believe the state economy is stronger when there is abundant opportunity for good-paying work, and when no Kentuckian lacks access to quality health care. We believe that no Kentuckian should ever have to choose between putting food on the table or seeing a doctor or having enough money for medicine.

Progress is about investing in people, not playing politics.

The greatest economic investment we can make is the strengthening of our public education system. Kentucky’s future successes or struggles will be defined by today’s policy decisions. Education must be a priority— from early childhood development to helping our kids prepare for and attend college, to adult learning programs for working-class people to acquire new and necessary skills.

Furthermore, when Kentucky businesses are empowered with access to a well-trained workforce, opportunities for innovation, and incentives to create high-paying jobs with good benefits, we become competitive on a national and global scale.

We are the party of hope and opportunity, and we believe that everyone deserves a chance to achieve the American dream.

Kentucky Democrats are taking action.

The Kentucky Democratic Party has fought alongside grassroots organizations across the state for health care for all. We’ve stood in the rain alongside educators, retirees and state workers against cuts to public education and legislation that imperils the financial stability for retirees and our ability to recruit, train, and retain a quality workforce.

We’ve demonstrated in the Capitol’s marbled halls alongside working-class Kentuckians threatened by legislation that cuts their wages and limits their right to unionize.

Just as our state was onced fueled by coal miners who sought a better way of life for their future generations, our party has grown county by county in support of finding new revenue for a better Kentucky. More than one million Kentucky Democrats refuse to accept the idea that prosperity is somehow achieved by slashing the budget in ways that will specifically hurt our kids, working-class families, and retirees.

Find ways to take action

Honoring our heritage means securing our future.

Kentucky’s rural communities and families across the bluegrass have historically prospered from a robust agricultural economy, but as the modern economy grows we must adapt and meet its needs. We have enjoyed being the epicenter of the bourbon boon, but our strategy for economic development can’t be a one-trick pony.

Investment in infrastructure will pave the way for innovation. For example, the Appalachian region still needs an expansion of access to fast and reliable internet, and along with that, training programs for 21st Century job skills.

Greatness and growth is not achieved by short-sightedness, greed, and dysfunction. A prosperous future requires vision, values, and leadership. This is who we are, and we hope that Kentuckians will join us in what we strive to become.